History of Japan Phone Number List : how they were born and

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History of Japan Phone Number List : how they were born and

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History of Japan Phone Number List : how they were born and what was their evolution
The arrival of the Internet , some years ago, generated a before and after in different civilizations, especially because it opened the way to a new way of communication between users who did not necessarily need to be in the same room . For example, with email, web pages or forums. The interaction between people began to gain, little by little, more and more strength, eliminating -among other things- a large number of cultural or language borders.

And how could it be otherwise, in the above scenario emerged, too, Japan Phone Number List, whose success lies primarily in the ability to provide users to communicate with others, fully immediately, through virtual spaces , no matter where they are on the planet. The history of Japan Phone Number List ​how and when they were born the beginnings History of the Internet: how it was born and what was its evolution To begin with, we must remember the birth of the Internet , back in 1947, when the Cold War took its first steps, confronting citizens from end to end of the world; some western and capitalists (led by the United States), and others eastern and communists (led by, then, the Soviet Union).

A real battle for power that motivated numerous technological advances. Among them, the US created the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA ), which - a decade later - laid the pillars of what would be known as the Internet, since its ARPANET network allowed the exchange of information between institutions.

Thanks to this, over time, users from different parts of the world began to be in contact thanks to emails (the first being sent in 1971 ) or the Gutenberg Project (Free Online Library), in 1971. A few more years Later, in 1991, the global Internet network went public, with the World Wide Web (what we commonly know as "www"), and thus the Internet emerged.

But what was happening back then? That, despite all these advances, there was still no element, tool or application that would allow users to Japan Phone Number List with each other, beyond the exchange of emails or online chat programs, such as IRC.

This changed in 1997, when SixDegrees was created , which can be considered as the first Japan Phone Number List in the world ; a network that made it possible to locate other members of the network and create lists of friends, and which was based on the theory of the six degrees of separation, which states that it is possible to connect with anyone else in the world in just 6 steps.

As Andrew Weinreich, its creator, explained on the day of its launch: “The challenge is to build a community, the challenge is to light a flame. This is a service that they can use to make their lives more efficient. But, like buying an address book, if you don't add names to it, it's useless. "

The application, basically a network that linked acquaintances with "acquaintances of acquaintances", can be considered a failed network in commercial terms, but it is undeniable that it laid the foundations of what we now know as Social Networks . The application closed in 2001.

The arrival of Friendster, MySpace and LinkedIn (2002/2003)
In 2001, as we said, SixDegrees disappeared, but it only took a few more months for the then lucky digital users to start enjoying new Japan Phone Number List , such as Friendster , which was created in 2002 as a Japan Phone Number List for video game lovers. o MySpace and LinkedIn , which appeared in 2003, being considered much more professional and business-oriented networks. Old social networks , many of which disappeared ... although not all.

Especially LinkedIn, whose impact on the business world was immediate, reaching, in 2008, more than 25 million registered users, extending to companies in 150 different sectors. Today, it has more than 600 million registered users
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